Neon purple juice.  Chips coated in orange powder that stains your hands.  

The Allergy Nut can help you make sustainable changes that will encourage your family to eat healthier and feel great.  

Reading Food Labels and Detoxing Your Pantry: Baffled by food labels?  Not sure why certain unpronounceable ingredients are in your food?  The Allergy Nut will inspire you to buy and prepare nourishing foods for your family.

Life at School: Birthdays and celebrations don't have to be about the sweets and juice boxes.  The Allergy Nut works with schools to establish healthy guidelines.

Group Presentations: Get a group together and let's talk!  From kicking a sugar habit to eating an anti-inflammatory diet, The Allergy Nut will start you on the path to a happier, healthier life.