From first reaction to feeling safe.  From diagnosis to dining out.  

Food allergies are scary, affect quality of life, and leave us feeling anxious and overwhelmed.  Through individually tailored consultations, The Allergy Nut provides education and simple tools to help you create normalcy for you and your family.  

Everyday Support:  Your child has been diagnosed with a food allergy.  Now what?   The Allergy Nut will guide you through everything from keeping an allergy friendly home, to communicating with your inner circle, to feeling confident in public places

Life at School: Sending a food allergic child off to school each day can be overwhelming.  The Allergy Nut will support you on your journey to find, partner, and build a positive relationship with the right school.  The Allergy Nut assists schools with allergy policies and party guidelines.

Empower your Allergic Child: It is never too early to educate your child about their allergies.  The Allergy Nut will work with them, and you, to create tools that help them feel confident navigating their daily lives.

Reading Food Labels and Detoxing Your Pantry: Baffled by food labels?  Not sure what to look for when reading ingredients?  The Allergy Nut will help you demystify the process and identify hidden allergens.

Group Presentations: Get a group together and The Allergy Nut will shed light on topics from food allergy awareness to safe snacking.